Globally engaged, locally available, constantly evolving and dedicated to delivering compelling technology solutions and capabilities with meaningful outcomes.


Tirodex Technologies started by supplying IT hardware and software solutions to small startup businesses, schools and communities. In 2019 our focus shifted and we aligned ourselves with global technology leaders offering secure digital technologies to help drive clients’  business and their technology transformation.

Our Commitment

We believe in turning service into satisfaction. TIRODEX promotes the philosophy that a client’s business requirements should always remain at the forefront of the technical solution proposed. We integrate the best technology with the best people to deliver holistic solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. We constantly strive to be the best at what we do, never setting limits to our development potential and we deliver ground-breaking solutions and services that far surpass the technological demands of the 21st century.


Fast-track your vision of the future

Leaders in IT define a strategic direction and race towards their ideal business state. Whether your vision of the future is defined by seamless hybrid working, automated efficiency or sustainable growth, we assist in giving you access to the flexible solutions and support you need to accelerate ahead and take your business where you want it to be, quicker than ever.

Accelerate Digital Transformation, Improve and Strengthen Workforce Productivity in Secured Environments.

We do it by positively contributing to value chains through sustainable strategic relationships. The solutions we provide are designed and implemented according to each customer’s requirements in order to position technology as an enabler in achieving strategic organizational objectives. We have a transparent and integrated approach to solution provisioning across the strategic, tactical and operational competencies while remaining technology agnostic.

Over the years, we’ve established strategic relationships with the world’s leading technology companies providing affordable comprehensive solutions. Our partnerships have enabled us access to customer-centric solutions, in conjunction with world-leading technologies. Our operations serve a wide and diverse customer base across the public and private sectors, helping to improve efficiency, ROI, and cost reduction through technology.


Our Solutions and Services

Our secure, cost-effective and next-generation technologies and solutions assist businesses to move up the digital curve to maintain competitiveness whilst thriving in the face of disruptive innovation, increasing competition and rapidly changing consumer behaviour