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A More Seamless Meeting Experience in Teams

Convene in Teams further enhances your Teams experience with an additional set of
meeting features you can use within the platform.

Microsoft Teams

Convene in Teams

Work Efficiently within Your Own Teams

MS Teams already organizes the actual Teams for you – all the departmental, committee or leadership teams you’re a part of. Easily chat, make threads, and hold meetings with your teammates all within the platform.

Go Beyond Your Teams

In addition to your team collaboration in Teams, CiT allows you to instantly meet and collaborate with anyone in and out of the organization. Structure meetings where you can easily add and form any group of people as participants.

Collaborate in Meetings with Teams Video Conferencing

MS Teams allows you to engage in remote meetings through its in-app video conferencing feature. Share your screen to your fellow participants if needed.

Level Up with Document-Centered Discussions

CiT supplements Teams with a document-centered discussion to support your video calls. Collaborate on the documents in real time and navigate the pages at your own pace, with the video call on the side.

Control File Access via Sharepoint

In MS Teams, members within a Team share restricted access to files and folders. Configure permission settings through Sharepoint to manage and monitor access to your confidential files and folders.

Manage File Access Even More Conveniently

On top of Sharepoint controls, CiT can further strengthen document security with easier file access controls. Customize access to individual files and agenda items for each meeting you create in the platform.