Cyber Risk Management

Enhance Cyber Resilience

In today’s environment, it’s not a matter of if a cyberattack will take place, but when. The key is getting back up and running with the least operational and financial disruption.

Security and Risk Services

Strengthens IT security and compliance with managed security services, threat intelligence, security and risk consulting, and incident response.

Our custom-developed framework verifies whether best practices and adequate cybersecurity measures are in place to mitigate and minimise the impact of known and unknown cyber risks. As a result, our clients are empowered with the insight and security they need to operate safely in the digital age through our range of professional and managed services.

With over two decades of experience in information security, cybersecurity, and digital forensics, we offer hands-on knowledge and support that you can trust.


Specialist Advice to C-Suite Executives

Specialist Resource Placements

Cyber Legal Assistance

Skilled Pen-Test Services

Skilled RedTeam Services

Corporate Cyber Risk Evaluations


CISO as a Service

Vulnerability Management as a Service

24/7 Managed Detection and Response


We create a Cyber Resilience lifestyle brand that specialises in “Red-Team” and “Blue-Team” exercises. These exercises are simulations of cyberattacks performed by a team of experts. By performing these simulations in a controlled environment, the team of skilled professionals can identify possible risks in networks, technologies, business solutions or business processes and provide solutions to mitigate cyber threats.

Our custom-developed Corporate Threat Protection and Prevention Framework provides an additional layer of capabilities around an organisation’s existing ICT security mechanisms. Perimeter security, network security, endpoint security, application security and critical business assets are the core areas of the Corporate threat assessment, which will highlight shortfalls within technical configurations, business processes, governance enforcement and professional skills. When it comes to Information Security and Cyber Security testing methodologies and frameworks, there are not one set methodology and framework that can be applied to every customer. Each project and client requirement is different therefore a different approach needs to be adapted to each project which provides access to the following benefits:


  • Highly skilled experienced Information & Cyber Security Professionals
  •  Digital Forensic Specialists
  •  GRC (Governance / Risk / Compliance) Specialists
  •  Vulnerability Scanning-as-a-Service
  •  Device Threat Detection-as-a-Service
  •  User Awareness-as-a-Service
  •  Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-Service (CISOaaS)



Cyber security is not optional

Let us assist with the needed insight into your actual cyber-resilient posture.