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Empowering Cybersecurity Resilience

In an era of dynamic cyber threats and heightened digital interconnectivity, robust cybersecurity measures are paramount.

Advanced Protection Against Cyber Threats

Our solution effectively addresses the challenges posed by credential stuffing, bot attacks, and human web fraud. Leveraging state-of-the-art detection and mitigation capabilities, we promptly identify suspicious behavior from both human users and automated bots. By maintaining trust as a central focus, we streamline account access investigations, proactively thwart imposters, and safeguard valuable customer assets. Our advanced detection mechanisms play a crucial role in preventing account abuse.

Email & Domain Protection Services

Recognizing that cyber compliance, risk, and governance compliance, are continuous endeavors and not isolated events, we collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring their environment is meticulously configured and our product is seamlessly integrated. Our goal is to guide customers toward a state where illegitimate emails from fraudulent sources, misusing their identity, are promptly rejected. and we ensure that only genuine, authenticated emails bearing the company’s name find their way into the inbox.

Mobile Endpoint Security

Navigating the Evolving Corporate Perimeter

In today’s dynamic work landscape, employees rely heavily on mobile devices for productivity. They are:

  • Embracing a Multitude of Mobile Apps
  • Conducting Increased Mobile Transactions
  • Collaborating Intensively with New Contacts
  • Accessing Larger Data Volumes

Through a single pane of glass, our Mobile-First Security Platform includes advanced security capabilities to protect mobile apps and devices from evolving threats and risks.

Vendor Risk Management

Empowering Organizations to Manage Third-Party Cyber Risks

Challenges in Vendor Security and Due Diligence Processes. In the contemporary corporate landscape, organizations grapple with inefficient and inconsistent manual procedures when it comes to assessing vendor security vulnerabilities and conducting due diligence.

We provide comprehensive third-party risk management solutions, guiding organizations through the entire risk lifecycle. With automated Nth-party detection, context-based assessments, and vendor self-guided remediation plans, Tirodex offers complete visibility, enabling businesses to proactively address and control third-party risks.

Risk DNA: Cybersecurity Posture You Can Trust

Enhancing Third-Party Cybersecurity Assessment

Tirodex evaluates the cybersecurity readiness of each of your vendors by considering factors such as business criticality, external and internal assessments, and your organization’s risk tolerance. The result is your unique Risk DNA, which accurately reflects the risks inherent in your third-party ecosystem. With this insight, you can effectively identify and prioritize your most critical third-party relationships and leverage AI-driven precision which minimizes reliance on external vendors for compliance and visibility.

Enterprise Security Risk Management

Enhancing Enterprise Security Risk Management

In light of evolving technologies, complex systems, and regulatory demands, maintaining vigilance against potential threats is paramount for organizations. Tirodex offers non-invasive enterprise risk assessments that simulate reconnaissance by thousands of hackers. Leveraging data from over 1,000 sources, including our proprietary research, these assessments reveal the genuine cyber resilience of your network, IT environment, application software, and workforce.

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