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Most businesses today understand the need for business change in response to significant digital-led disruption and increasing competition.


Embracing Digital Change

Enterprises are facing a future of doing business that is redefined by dramatically reduced face-to-face interactions with customers, partners and employees.

The rules of engagement are being completely rewritten. As companies explore these new operating models, they are also looking to deliver exceptional and innovative customer experiences, enhance operational productivity and efficiency, manage risks, build agility, and drive growth.

Even before the pandemic forced us to alter how we live and work, many leading enterprises actively evaluated new work models. These models ideally ensure that employees and partners can securely access company applications hosted onsite or on multiple clouds from different locations on different devices teams can collaborate seamlessly over robust, safe networks and organisations can guarantee business continuity and customer service through digital platforms.

Today’s digital environment – characterised by pace, complexity, change, and disruption – presents huge growth opportunities and challenges to every business.

Changes in consumer behaviour, led by digital, mean that industries are being turned upside down, employees’ needs and desires are shifting, and increasing investment, globalisation, and cheap technology are blowing holes through traditional barriers to entry.

cyber security risk management solutions

In a rapidly changing digital world, the pressure of making decisions to invest in the best digital tools and equipment, while guaranteeing increased productivity and reduced costs, can be a gruelling task and represents an entirely different way of doing business.  Regardless of the objectives, alignment and implementation of digital technologies with strategic visions require a clear understanding of available technologies combined with best practices.

We will join forces and partner for mutual growth to help modernize your business model, products, and services, by integrating current digital technologies and tools to achieve your digital objectives.

Tirodex Technology

Protect and Charge Forward

Anticipate and reduce the possibility of risk and damage

Businesses of all sizes are suffering attacks in various forms and on an unprecedented scale. Organizations choosing to ignore the need for proper cyber defences and hygiene must accept that sooner or later they will suffer an attack.

Based on the cyber security model as devised by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) we will deliver a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing risk and managing threats. Our goal is to assist you with good cyber hygiene and in so doing minimize the potential business impact that these cyber threats present, instilling a culture of robust process and risk mitigation, all delivered from a Cape Town based Security Operations Centre.

Tirodex Technology Solutions

Enabling Enterprises to respond to changing priorities…

Accelerate your digital journey with secure modernized services and solutions.

Our ecosystem helps you overcome obstacles and navigate your digital transformation journey. By identifying goals, measuring progress, streamlining costs and accelerating innovation, we help you discover true organizational agility.

Unlock your optimal opportunities through our combination of augmented intelligence, passionate people, automated processes, and unmatched reach.

Tirodex gives businesses and technology leaders the confidence and support to blaze their strategic path from idea to outcome.

Cyber Risk Management

Our Corporate Cyber Threat Protection framework provides organisations with the needed insight into their actual cyber resilient posture through our range of consulting, professional and managed services.

Centralised GRC Value for Your Business

360° visibility into GRC coupled with the speed of implementation.  Robust & transparent reporting and business intelligence. Greater assurance to the board and stakeholders. Agile and future-focused solutions.

Board Management Software

We offer a multi-awarded board management and portal solution that simplifies the board meeting process and empowers thousands of organizations worldwide to foster better governance.

Services & Solutions

Organizations are making significant investments in technology to transform their businesses. Key goals are to increase business agility, enhance customer experience and capture the full potential of the workforce.


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